License in/out Opportunities

License In/Out Opportunities at Prosit Sole

At Prosit Sole, strategic partnerships help us advance the development and commercialization of our product pipeline, with the goal of delivering valuable and innovative therapies to patients with rare diseases and physicians who care for them at accelerated pace.

We have a growing portfolio of highly credible/admired industry partnerships. 

Prosit Sole continuously seeks to access external innovation and expertise/capabilities whereby they can speed the discovery,development and commercialization of potential life-saving and/or quality of life-enhancing medicines to patients with rare diseases, while creating long-term value for investors, partners and company employees. With a focus on rare diseases, we have specific interests in partnering for clinical-stage and/or commercial-stage assets to serve patients in China and globally with unmet medical needs in viral infections, co-morbidities with organ transplantation, bone diseases, GI diseases, NASH, etc., where we can leverage our substantial expertise in the biology of interferons, interleukins, growth factors, etc.

We seek additional collaborations to advance the development of our proprietary products or to apply our technology platform to create promising new therapies.

Overall, our strategy for collaboration and partnership is very flexible and could be disease-focused/oriented or specific class of protein therapeutics oriented (e.g., interferons, growth factors, etc.)

Our Proprietary Products: We look for opportunities to partner with industry leaders, both in China and globally, to license out proprietary therapeutic proteins (discovered/engineered on our proprietary P-POP Technology Platform) for preclinical and clinical development for rare disease indications, such as anti-viral interferon, cartilage repair/regeneration, PKU, etc.

Co-Development/Commercialization: We look for opportunities to partner with industry leaders, both in China and globally, to license in approved therapies for commercialization in the Chinese market and therapeutics in early clinical development for rare disease indications in China.

For more information about our interests and expertise and how we might work together to advance innovation, please contact XXXXXX, BD Director, at

Key benefits of collaborating with Prosit Sole include:

Strong culture of innovation

Extensive experiences in biologics discovery and pre-clinical, and early clinical development.

Creativity in constructing partnerships

Commitment to professional alliance management

Commitment to quality

If you are interested in partnering with Prosit Sole, please contact us at: