At Prosit Sole, we Focus on

Serious Rare Diseases or Neglected Life-threatened Virus

Rare Diseases Should Not Be Rare

Prosit Sole is with Patients

We Don't Leave A Single Patient Behind

PSP001 - A FIC Human IFN-λ Chimera

Stimulates Immune Responses to defense

Against some Life-threatent Virus

Secret Code of Life,Origin of Our Heritage

Our Ambition Is Rooted in Our Genes!

A Healthier Life For Human

Is Our Dream at Prosit Sole

Innovation at Prosit Sole

Prosite Sole is the proud inventor and owner of a patented Biologics discovery platform and a robust product pipeline, with 6 innovative therapeutics for a range of severe rare diseases.  Each biologics molecule is designed to be de-risked as well as likely to be speedily approvable by FDA and CFDA. The company possesses full capability of protein design by the patented P-POP protein chimeric platform, drug screening, cell banking, high quality scale-up/manufacturing, animal disease models, preclinical and clinical development.

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About Prosit Sole

Unmet Medical Needs, Our Social Responsibility

At Prosit Sole, we focus on developing innovative protein therapeutics that address the unmet medical needs for life-threatening rare diseases. Prosit Sole established an advanced Prositsole Protein Optimize Platform (P-POP), a Biologics discovery technology, patented in the US and China, that enables us to discover first-in-class or best-in-class biologics, with excellent efficacy and favorable safety profile. Currently, Prosit Sole has 4 Biologics in various stages of development, the lead product candidates are PEGINF-lchimeric (currently being pursued for IND in the US) and a FGF-18 chimeric (currently in pre-clinical development). 

The Future of Humanity:

Leave Not Even a Single Patient Behind!

Scientific Discoveries Leading to and Accompanying the Development of a Novel Antiviral INF-λ Chimer